About Your Workers’ Comp Premium Audit

Insurance providers like Pie use an annual premium audit to make sure your policy premium is still right for your business. Here’s why: your premium was based on your estimated annual payroll, and an audit finalizes your premium using your actual payroll information.


It’s essential to participate in your required audit, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible.

What to expect

When it’s time for your audit, we'll email you with a head's up that our audit partner will be contacting you shortly. Your auditor will help walk you through the process and forms and can answer any questions you have.

Virtual assessment

Phone call

In-person visit

What you’ll need

Your auditor will provide details when the time comes. In the meantime, check out our Bites of Pie video series for tips, review the premium audit checklist for reference, and keep these on hand:

Payroll records

Salaries, wages, commissions, overtime pay, bonuses, unemployment reports, individual earnings, and tax returns

Employee records

Number of employees, hours worked, employees’ job duties, and the breakdown in dollars if an employee works in more than one classification code

Cash expenses

Any payments to independent contractors and subcontractors, casual labor, materials purchased

Certificates of insurance

All certificates for every subcontractor’s workers’ comp insurance coverage

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