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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Made for Small Businesses

Workers' Comp for Small Businesses

Our vision is to revolutionize how small business owners protect their businesses and their employees by offering the lowest-cost workers' comp policies possible.


Workers' compensation insurance for contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers, and other small businesses in the construction industry.


Workers' compensation insurance for restaurants, bars, bakeries, caterers, and other small businesses in the food service industry.


Workers' compensation insurance for small manufacturing companies.


Workers' compensation insurance for small retail shops.

Office Workers

Workers' compensation insurance for administrative and professional services.


Workers' compensation insurance for physician practices, dentists, home health businesses, nursing homes, and other small healthcare companies.
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A New Model of Workers' Comp Insurance

We created Pie with one passion in mind: serving America’s small businesses. There’s a very real problem with how underserved and overcharged small businesses are when it comes to workers’ compensation. Pie allows small business owners the independence to select the lowest-cost workers’ comp insurance policies possible with a modern ease of service.

How We Help Small Businesses

The traditional approach to pricing workers’ comp insurance leads to higher prices for small businesses. In fact, 2 out of 3 small businesses are overpaying by 30% or more for workers’ compensation insurance. Pie will begin offering workers’ compensation coverage in early 2018.

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