Report a Workplace Injury

Accidents can happen. We’re here to help when they do.

Pie partners with the CorVel Corporation to make sure that when your employees are injured at work, reporting the incident is as easy as pie

To report an incident, call 844-581-0828.

Why report an incident?

Our priority is getting your injured employee back to work and feeling healthy.

If an employee is injured on the job, reporting the incident helps protect your business and supports your employee’s recovery and return to work. In fact, reporting an incident immediately helps by:

Improving employee care

Lowering overall costs

Decreasing time to close claim

How to report an incident

A workers’ compensation policy insures the business—so the business owner should call to report the incident. Of course, it’s best if the injured employee is also able to be on the line during the phone call.

When an injury takes place in the workplace, take one of two steps:

If the incident involves a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911. Next, call the 24/7 CorVel nurse line.

If the injury is not life-threatening, immediately call the 24/7 CorVel nurse line at 844-581-0828.

Looking for a status update?

Email claims[at] with your injured worker’s name or download the CorVel My Care app to quickly access your account.

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