The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 to ensure safe and healthy working conditions by developing and enforcing standards and providing training and assistance to business owners.


Each industry must follow certain standards based on the type of work performed and the work environment that it’s performed in. Business owners and managers should familiarize themselves with the specific standards that affect their industry to avoid receiving violations, which can come with hefty fines.


Small business owners should become more familiar with the violations cited most often in their industries in order to avoid violating OSHA standards.


Here are the most five common infractions in five of the most popular small business industries.


Restaurant industry

The top five most common infractions in the restaurant industry are related to:


Construction industry

The top 5 most common infractions in the construction industry are related to:


Manufacturing industry

The top 5 most common infractions in the manufacturing industry are related to:

Retail industry

The top 5 most common infractions in the retail industry are related to:


Healthcare industry

The top 5 most common infractions in the healthcare industry are related to:


By developing a safety plan and providing appropriate safety training, small business owners can help prevent accidents and avoid costly OSHA citations.



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