Workers’ Comp in Rhode Island

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About Rhode Island workers' comp insurance

Rhode Island, the smallest state in the nation, is home to just over a million people. 


Small businesses in the Ocean State employ 53 percent of the workforce, including nearly 200,000 workers in technology and similar fields. Whether your business is in Providence, Warwick, Newport, or Pawtucket, you’re supported by a workforce of 4.7 million people living within an hour’s drive. 


With nearly 225,000 small business employees in the state, it’s important for small business owners to protect their employees by carrying workers’ compensation insurance.


Regulated by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Rhode Island’s workers’ comp provides medical, disability, survivor, burial, and rehabilitation benefits to employees who are injured or killed due to a work-related injury or illness. If your small business regularly employs three or more persons, including regular and part-time employees, you are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage.


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