Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

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About Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

The state of Pennsylvania, with its Philly cheesesteaks, Declaration of Independence, and 1 million small businesses, is an ideal home for small business owners. Pennsylvania has a rich early American history, an excellent job market, and affordable towns. One of the best places to watch meteor showers and home to some of the nation’s top universities, the Keystone state has much to offer its residents and entrepreneurs.


Small businesses comprise 99.6 percent of Pennsylvania’s businesses, and more than 46 percent of people who work in the private sector are employed by small business owners.


Economic strengths abound in the manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare industries. Community and economic development, award-winning programs that support small enterprises and startups, and an active tourism industry all contribute to small business growth.


In Pennsylvania, small business owners who have one or more employees must have an active workers’ compensation insurance policy for their current payroll. Small businesses may also need to carry liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, or other types of insurance depending on the nature and location of the business.


Pie Insurance provides workers’ compensation insurance in Pennsylvania.  

Who Needs Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Most small businesses in Pennsylvania are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp protects the business from being sued by an employee when an injury or illness happens.

Part-time and full-time employees, as well as family members

Optional for sole proprietors, partners, and corporate officers

Intentional noncompliance is a felony of the third degree

Misclassification of employees as independent contractors is illegal for all commercial and residential construction

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Laws at a Glance


Noncompliance can result in a fine of $15,000 and up to seven years in jail


Number of days small businesses have to provide proof of coverage


Percentage of nonfatal workplace injuries that required days away from work

Pennsylvania Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

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