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About Iowa Workers’ Compensation

Iowa may be known for its rolling plains and cornfields, but the Hawkeye State offers more than just the beautiful landscapes of Dunnings Springs, Crystal Lake Cave, and the High Trestle Trail.


From Des Moines to Cedar Rapids or Davenport, Iowa fosters the growth and development of its small businesses. It’s the national leader for renewable energy, generates $25 billion per year from the manufacturing industry, and is responsible for more than 7% of America’s food supply through its investments in agriculture and food production.


Iowa’s small businesses employ more than 646,000 people, accounting for 48% of the state’s private workforce. With more than 45,000 workplace injuries and 72 fatalities across all industries in 2017, small businesses need to make sure they’re protecting their employees and assets with workers’ comp coverage.


If you have employees working in Iowa, your small business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp covers work-related injuries regardless of fault.


Pie Insurance provides workers’ compensation insurance to Iowa’s small businesses. 

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Iowa Workplace Injuries at a Glance


Total injuries that were in manufacturing, service-providing, and healthcare occupations


Nonfatal workplace injuries requiring days away from work


Total workplace fatalities who were men

Looking for additional Iowa workers’ compensation resources?

Iowa’s Division of Workers’ Compensation provides many resources for small businesses:


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