Alaska Workers’ Compensation

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About Alaska Workers’ Compensation

Alaska is home to over 16,000 small businesses that make up about 99% of the state’s total businesses. Agriculture, fisheries, forestry, mining, oil, gas, and tourism businesses are the most popular small business types owned in Alaska. Additionally, small business owners often find success in the construction, healthcare, social assistance, retail, accommodations, and food service industries.


If you have employees in Alaska, your small business is required to carry workers’ comp insurance—unless you are considered exempt by the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board. Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical, disability, death, and reemployment benefits to employees who are injured or killed due to a work-related incident. 


Unlike many states, there is no state fund for workers’ compensation in Alaska. Instead, small business owners can obtain workers’ compensation insurance through the commercial market. 

Alaska Workers’ Comp Requirements

As laws change regularly, you should refer to your state legislation and/or an advisor for specific legal counsel. In the meantime, review this list of Alaska’s workers’ comp requirements for a brief overview.

  • The Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation administers the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for all Alaskan employers with certain exemptions and exceptions.

  • Employees must report a work-related injury to their employers within 30 days.

  • Employers have 10 days after they have been notified of a workplace injury to submit a report of injury to their insurance carrier and workers’ compensation board. 

  • The Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board hears disputes between employees and employers or their insurance carriers regarding benefits.

Alaska Workplace Injuries at a Glance  


Fatal injuries who were men


Fatal injuries that were related to transportation


Fatal injuries that occurred in fishing, trade, transportation and utilities industries

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