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Workers’ compensation insurance for the food service industry.

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Restaurants, bars, bakeries, catering companies, and other small businesses in the food service industry can now get a workers' compensation insurance quote online with our simple quote process.

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A New Era for the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants, bars, bakeries, and catering businesses are just some of the small businesses that make up the growing food service industry. And within each of those businesses, new trends – from chef-driven local foods, small batch alcohols, and digital customer experiences – continue to reshape how business is done. Consumers expect a high quality product and experience, and we believe restaurant and bar owners expect the same from their partners and service providers.


Pie Insurance is one of the first companies to offer a fully digital insurance experience, allowing caterers and owners of restaurants, bars, and bakeries the independence to purchase workers’ compensation insurance online.


No matter how small your food service business may be, there are potential risks that your employees face on the job. In addition to repetitive stress injuries, your team members can be harmed while carrying out tasks on a normal day of work. Workers’ comp insurance reduces the risk of financial loss from accidents that could bankrupt your restaurant, bar, bakery, or catering business. When you have workers’ compensation insurance, your team members give up the right to sue your business for on-the-job negligence, and you agree to compensate them for any illness or injury related to their work.

Workers’ Comp Basics

What’s workers’ comp, and what’s covered?

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