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Workers' Comp for Offices and Administrative Professionals

Many small businesses, no matter their industry, tend to employ clerical or office workers. Categorized as workers’ comp code 8810, these employees are exclusively dedicated to office activities with no additional job duties.


Banks and trust companies, library and museum professional employees, and computer programmers are also specifically included in the workers’ comp 8810 classification. However, clerical employees of specific businesses may have their own workers’ comp clerical classification code, e.g. doctor’s office receptionists are assigned to code 8832 while receptionists for law offices are assigned to code 8820.


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Why do office employees need workers’ comp coverage?

No matter how small your office, there are potential risks that your office employees face on the job. Your team members can be harmed while carrying out tasks during a normal workday:


Overexertion injuries — Known as the most common and most expensive injury, overexertion in an office setting may be related to pulling, lifting, holding, or carrying activities.


Slipping/tripping and reaction injuries — The second most common cause of workplace injuries are slips or trips over something on the floor. Reaction injuries are the muscle injuries or other medical injuries that occur without actually falling down.


Repetitive motion injuries — Typing and computer usage are repetitive motions that can cause back pain, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Workers’ comp insurance reduces the risk of financial loss from accidents that could bankrupt your small business. 

Covered by workers’ comp code 8810

Employees designated as 8810 clerical are individuals who:

  • Only engage in bookkeeping, record keeping, correspondence, computer composition, and office work
  • Only work in an area physically separated from other operations, whether by floors or floor-to-ceiling windows


A car wash employs an accountant to maintain financial records. This clerical employee works exclusively in the back office. In this situation, the accountant can be assigned to workers’ comp code 8810.

Not covered by workers’ comp 8810

Some clerical employees may not be designated as 8810 clerical:

  • Supervisors and production managers who don’t spend 100% of their time in an office environment
  • Employees who perform clerical work in an area that includes work or service areas, inventory storage, or products for sale


A car wash employs an accountant to maintain financial records. This clerical employee must enter the car wash garage to carry out specific job tasks. In this situation, the accountant cannot be assigned to workers’ comp code 8810 due to hazard exposures outside those of an office environment.

workers comp for office employees

Common Employees Included in Workers’ Comp Code 8810

Administrative Secretary
Clerk, General Office, Payroll
Computer Programmer
Credit Manager
Public Relations Director
Floor Clerk

Workers’ Comp Basics

What’s workers’ comp, and what’s covered?

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