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Workers’ compensation insurance (made from scratch) for landscapers and lawn care professionals

The value of a beautiful landscape and finely-manicured lawn is not only aesthetic. It also increases property value, welcomes visitors, and reduces stress — especially for those who hire a skilled landscaping company. Small businesses landscapers offer diverse services from sodding lawns and controlling weeds to installing xeriscapes and designing water features. With increases in new construction and in home improvement spending, especially in the South and West, the landscape industry is growing!


Consumers expect high-quality landscaping and lawn services, and at Pie Insurance, we believe landscape business owners should expect the same from their partners and service providers. 


Pie Insurance is one of the first companies to offer a fully digital insurance experience, allowing landscape business owners the independence to purchase workers’ compensation insurance online.

What are some common landscaping workers’ compensation class codes?

Workers are grouped into classes based on work activities and risk level by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) or by state agencies. There are many different workers’ comp codes, and it is critical that your workers are each categorized correctly. Landscape maintenance, lawn care, chemical treatments of lawns, snow and ice maintenance, irrigation installation and maintenance, and landscape lighting are specifically categorized by workers’ comp codes or classifications. Since different jobs have different risks, workers’ comp insurance is broken out by specific job duties to ensure the exact right coverage for your small business.


Workers’ Comp Code 9102: The most common lawn care classification, which includes mowing, weeding, and grounds maintenance


Workers’ Comp Code 9182: Maintaining the landscape of athletic parks and facility


Workers’ Comp Code 0042: Installing new landscaping (vs. maintaining existing landscaping) as well as laying out grounds and retaining walls, planting, excavation, and sprinkler installation


Workers’ Comp Code 0106: Tree pruning, spraying, removal, grinding, harvesting, and driving

landscaping workers' comp

Why do landscaping companies need workers’ comp coverage?

Whether your landscaping business has a single truck with a trailer and mower or a larger crew using various tools and equipment, workers’ compensation insurance helps protect small businesses when an employee gets injured on the job.


Landscapers may be harmed while carrying out tasks during a normal workday through: 


Contact with objects or equipment — Landscape workers may be injured by objects or equipment, including falling logs, trees, or branches.


Workplace falls — Whether falling out of trees or into holes, falls are a common cause of workplace injuries for landscapers.


Exposure to temperature extremes — Inclement weather could cause injuries to landscapers and lawn care professionals, including fatalities related to heat stroke.


Overexertion or excess stress on the body — lifting, digging, and carrying are frequent movements that could cause overexertion injuries to develop.

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