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Workers' Comp Insurance for Auto Repair Companies

Workers’ compensation insurance for auto repair mechanics, technicians, and other small businesses.

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Improved insight into small business workers' compensation costs in the auto repair industry.

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Custom pricing for auto repair mechanics and technicians.

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A data-driven approach to comparing auto repair industry workers’ compensation costs.

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A Better Workers' Comp Model for the Auto Repair Shop Industry

Small auto repair shops are often overcharged when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance.  Although auto repair technicians work with heavy machinery and dangerous chemicals, they also suffer from injuries like cuts, debris in eyes, overexertion, and back injuries. From the creation of free online safety resources to newer industry technologies, small auto shops have more resources than ever to protect their teams.


Pie Insurance hopes to change how auto repair shops and other small businesses buy workers’ comp insurance. 

Workers’ Comp Basics

What’s workers’ comp, and what’s covered?

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