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Pie serves a variety of small businesses, from construction and manufacturing companies to small retail shops and cleaning companies.


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Does my small business need workers' compensation insurance coverage?

Most small businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage to protect their businesses from work-related employee injuries and illness. Workers’ comp provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who experience job-related illnesses or injuries.

workers' compensation coverage
workers' compensation coverage

What happens if I don’t carry workers’ compensation coverage?

Workers’ compensation coverage is compulsory in most states. If you live in a state that requires workers’ compensation insurance, you risk fines, felony charges, or even jail time for not having coverage, depending on the severity of the offense and the state law itself. If you live in a state where workers’ compensation insurance is elective, then not having coverage opens up your small business to risks.


Workers’ compensation laws are no-fault, which means that the employer agrees to pay regardless of fault. Likewise, employees cannot sue their employers for additional benefits than what’s already provided according to workers’ compensation insurance laws.

Does every type of small business require workers’ comp coverage?

Each state may have some occupations not covered by workers’ comp, including volunteers for charitable organizations or certain farm group workers, but the majority of employees in the United States are in occupations covered under workers’ compensation laws.


If you only employ exempt workers, your small business is not required to provide workers’ comp benefits.

workers' compensation coverage
small business workers comp coverage

Where can I buy workers’ compensation insurance?

Private insurers approved by the state can provide workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses. We offer workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses across the country.


Small businesses can get a quote in just 3 minutes using our simple online process.


Small businesses based in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are required to purchase workers’ comp from the state, and private companies like Pie Insurance are not allowed to compete against these monopolistic state funds.

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