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Does my small business need workers' comp insurance coverage?

Most small businesses are legally required to carry workers’ comp insurance coverage. Workers’ comp helps protect businesses and employees from the costs associated with work-related injuries. Workers’ comp provides wage replacement and medical benefits to workers who experience job-related illnesses or injuries.

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What happens if my small business doesn’t carry workers’ comp coverage?

If your small business operates in a state that legally requires workers’ comp insurance, you risk fines, felony charges, or even jail time for not having the right coverage. If you live in a state where workers’ compensation insurance is not legally required, you should still consider having appropriate coverage so your business and team members are not left vulnerable to financial risks.

Where can I get workers’ comp insurance for my small business?

Pie provides affordable, trustworthy, and simple workers’ comp coverage across the country. More than 80% of small businesses overpay for workers’ comp. With Pie, small businesses can save up to 30% on workers’ comp insurance.


Get a quote in 3 minutes to start saving thousands.

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Save up to 30% on workers' comp coverage.