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Workers’ Comp Insurance in Texas

From hipster donut shops to small-batch whiskey distilleries, Texas is home to some of the most unique small business around, employing more than 4.4 million Texans. Texas is one of the best places to start a small business, but with more than 185,000 workplace injuries and 545 fatalities in 2016, there’s a need to protect your small business employees and assets.


Texas workers’ comp, although not required by law, protects small business owners from being sued by an employee when an injury or illness happens. Despite the ability to opt out of workers comp insurance, the majority of Texas business buy workers’ comp, covering 8 out of 10 Texas employees across industries like construction, retail, restaurant, hotel, auto repair, lawn care, grocery, janitorial, and manufacturing.


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Texas Workplace Injuries at a Glance


Total Texas Workplace Injuries (2016)


Median days away from work (Private Industry, Texas)


Workplace injuries requiring time away from work

Texas Workplace Injury Data

Texas Workers’ Comp Rates

Workers’ Comp Basics

What’s workers’ comp, and what’s covered?

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