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Workers' comp (made from scratch) for healthcare companies

Patients expect to receive the best in care and to be treated by knowledgeable, highly skilled professionals, and at Pie Insurance, we believe that physicians, dentists, and healthcare business owners should expect the same from their partners and service providers.


That’s why Pie Insurance has become one of the first workers’ comp companies to offer a fully digital insurance experience, allowing owners of small healthcare companies the independence to purchase workers’ compensation insurance online.

Workers' Comp for Healthcare Employees

Why do healthcare industry employees need workers’ comp coverage?

Healthcare companies, including home healthcare businesses, private physician practices, dental offices, or assisted living facilities, deal with higher risks of injury than many other industries. Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect these business when a healthcare employee gets injured on the job.


Healthcare workers could be harmed while carrying out tasks during a normal workday through:


Contact with objects or equipment — Healthcare workers may be injured by objects or equipment including needles, scalpels, mechanical hoists, roller, or beds.


Workplace falls — Slips, trips, and falls are a common cause of workplace injuries for healthcare workers due to wet or slippery floors, walkways, or stairs.


Overexertion or excess stress on the body — Lifting, pushing, and pulling could cause injury to workers who are moving equipment, materials, or patients.


Occupational stress — Healthcare workers often deal with high levels of stress which put them at greater risk for illness or injury.

What are some common healthcare workers’ compensation class codes?

Workers are grouped into classes based on work activities and risk level by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) or by state agencies. There are many different workers’ comp codes, and it is critical that your workers are each categorized correctly according to their tasks and your location.


Since different jobs have different risks, workers’ comp insurance is broken out by specific job duties to ensure the exact right coverage for your small business. A few of the national workers’ comp class codes related to healthcare are:


Workers’ Comp Code 8824: Retirement living centers—health care employees


Workers’ Comp Code 8829: Convalescent home or nursing home – all employees


Workers’ Comp Code 8832:  Physicians and dentists 


Workers’ Comp Code 8833:  Hospital and sanitarium employees


Workers’ Comp Code 8835:  Home, public, and traveling healthcare employees

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