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The Cleaning Industry Sparkles and Shines for Small Business Owners

The cleaning industry is dominated by small to medium businesses. Establishing a residential or commercial cleaning company is an appealing proposition for small business entrepreneurs, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects jobs for janitors and cleaners to grow by 10 percent over the next decade.


Custodians, janitors, maids, window washers, launderers, and other cleaning professionals not only enhance appearance and aesthetics, they also contribute to public safety and health. Clients expect high-quality cleaning services, and at Pie Insurance, we believe cleaning company owners should expect the same from their partners and service providers. 


Pie Insurance is one of the first companies to offer a fully digital workers’ compensation insurance experience, allowing owners of cleaning companies the independence to get workers’ compensation insurance online.

Why do cleaning and janitorial employees need workers’ comp coverage?

Workers’ compensation insurance is required for most cleaning companies, including residential cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, retail cleaning, commercial cleaning, window cleaning, dry cleaning, laundry services, custodial, janitorial, and maid services.


Cleaning companies deal with greater risk of injuries than many other industries due to physically demanding workplace conditions and chemical exposure. No matter how small your cleaning business, your employees may face potential risks on the job. Your team members could be harmed while carrying out tasks during a normal workday like:


  • Workplace falls — Whether slipping on slick floors or falling from ladders, falls are a common cause of workplace injuries for cleaning and janitorial professionals.
  • Exposure to electrical shock and toxic chemicals — Vacuums, floor buffers, cleaning solutions, and floor strippers are just some of the things that may cause harm in routine work.
  • Overexertion or excess stress on the body — Lifting, pulling, reaching, and carrying are frequent movements that can cause overexertion injuries to develop.

What are some common cleaning and janitorial workers’ compensation class codes?

Workers are grouped into classes based on work activities and risk level by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) or by state agencies. There are many different workers’ comp codes, and it is critical that your cleaning and janitorial workers are each categorized correctly. 


Routine mopping, vacuuming, dusting, wall-washing, cleaning, sanitizing, and trash removal are specific types of janitorial work categorized by workers’ comp class codes. Specific job classifications also exist for other types of cleaning business, including window washing, dry cleaning, and laundry services. These class codes help match the right levels of workers’ comp coverage for your business mix.


For example, the following are common class codes for the cleaning services industry:


Workers’ Comp Code 9014:  Includes janitors, residential cleaners, residential furnace cleaners, residential chimney cleaners, and pressure washers (limited to ground level).


Workers’ Comp Code 9170:  Includes janitors, residential cleaners, chimney cleaners, window cleaners, and pressure washers (above ground level).

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