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Small Business Insurance in Michigan

No stranger to innovation, Michigan is home to brands like Cadillac and Chevy as well as more than 870,000 small businesses. And for its nearly 10 million residents, the state is also home to the most extensive freshwater shoreline in the nation, the longest suspension bridge between anchorages in the Western Hemisphere, and 101 state parks.


And from Henry Ford’s implementation of the moving assembly line and the two-day weekend to Donald Keck’s development of the first fiber optic wire now used in telecommunications, great minds from the Great Lakes State continue to drive innovation and revolutionize industry.


Small businesses comprise 99.6 percent of Michigan’s businesses, and nearly half of residents who work in the private sector are employed by small business owners. Michigan’s business-friendly environment has supported small business growth, and opportunities abound in the automobile, manufacturing, and cybersecurity industries.


In Michigan, most small business owners are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Small businesses may also need to carry professional liability insurance, property insurance, or other types of insurance depending on the nature and location of the business.


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Who Needs Michigan Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Nearly all Michigan businesses are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance protects small business owners from being sued by an employee when an injury or illness happens. As a small business owner in the state of Michigan, you must carry workers’ compensation insurance if you are:

Any public employer

A private employer with 1+ employees working 35+ hours/week for 13+ weeks or
3+ employees at one time

An agricultural employer with 3+ employees working 35+ hours/week for 13+ consecutive weeks

A household employer with 1+ domestic employees working 35+ hours/week for 13+ weeks

Michigan Workers’ Comp Laws at a Glance  


Days to give notice of a work-related injury to the employer


Years to file a claim with the employer


Fine for noncompliance, or imprisonment for 30 days to 6 months, or both.

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Workers’ Comp Basics

What’s workers’ comp, and what’s covered?

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