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About Louisiana Workers' Compensation

Louisiana is ranked among the top ten climates in the nation for starting a business, supporting its small business community through low operating costs, a skilled workforce, and a strong infrastructure. Louisiana’s banks, engineering corporations, and law firms have all won small business awards for their excellence, innovation, and growth.


Louisiana is home to a diverse small business population, employing more than 890,000 people. But with more than 34,000 workplace injuries in 2017, there’s a need to protect your small business and its employees.


Louisiana workers’ compensation helps protect small businesses when an employee gets injured at the workplace. Any employee working in Louisiana must be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, as workers’ comp covers medical bills and wage replacement for workplace injuries.


Pie Insurance offers workers’ comp coverage to small businesses in Louisiana.

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Louisiana Workplace Injuries at a Glance  


Nonfatal Louisiana workplace injuries


Nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in the private industry


Cases with days away from work, job transfer, or restriction

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