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Workers' Compensation Insurance in Illinois

The second-best environment in the United States for starting a new business, Illinois is home to more than 1.2 million small businesses, employing more than 2.5 million individuals. The Prairie State is a source of entrepreneurial talent with small businesses ranging from trendy barber shops and specialty ice cream parlors to beauty salons, auto repair shops, and restaurants. But with more than 137,000 workplace injuries and 171 fatal injuries in 2016, Illinois small businesses need to ensure they are protecting their employees and assets.


Illinois workers’ comp, also known as workman’s comp, protects small business owners from being sued by an employee when an injury or illness happens. The state of Illinois played a large role in the history of workers’ comp laws due to the 259 men and boys who lost their lives in the 1909 coal mine fire in Cherry, Illinois and the 146 women and girls who lost their lives a few years later in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Today, Illinois businesses with at least one employee must have workers’ compensation insurance, and failure to provide employees with workers’ comp coverage is considered a felony.


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Illinois Workplace Injuries at a Glance  


Total fatal injuries were in construction, maintenance, production, and transportation occupations (2016)


Total fatal injuries were men (2016)


Nonfatal workplace injuries that required days away from work (2016)

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