COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

The COVID-19 (or coronavirus) pandemic has created a challenging and uncertain time for many small businesses. Pie Insurance is here to help.

*Help for Customers*

If you need help adjusting your payroll, modifying or delaying payments (at no cost), or finding additional support—just let us know. We can work together to find the right solution for your current situation. Call our customer service team at 855-880-0204 for help.

Health and Safety

Making sure your employees and business are protected is more important than ever. Whether your team members are working outdoors, at a takeout window, or remotely from home—workplace health and safety are important for your small business success.

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Insurance Coverage
During COVID-19

Your insurance needs may change in response to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, many small businesses are investing in cybersecurity to offset the increased risk of having employees working from home. It’s an important time to reassess your insurance coverage needs.

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Relief and Support
for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and related shut-downs. Fortunately, there are both private and public loans that can help. Taking advantage of extra resources during this time can make a big difference for your small business.

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Thanks for visiting our COVID-19 resource page. Any above reference to a specific company or resource is meant for educational purposes only and is not specifically endorsed by Pie. As laws and information about the pandemic change regularly, you should refer to your state government website and/or an advisor for specific advice for your business.

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