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Small Business Insurance in Colorado

Colorado boasts a rare combination of a passion for nature and an enthusiasm for innovation. With a thriving economy, high rate of startup activity, and strong growth opportunities, Colorado is a haven for small businesses. Geographic features such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail and Breckenridge ski areas, and Pike’s Peak naturally support a strong tourism and outdoor recreation industry. But manufacturing, construction, aerospace, healthcare, financial services, restaurant, and retail industries are also booming in Colorado.


Coloradans are known for a love of their state, and their pride extends to supporting small business owners. The state government has a small business development center, and many independent organizations exist to help small business owners as well. Small business insurance needs in Colorado range from worker’s compensation insurance and business liability insurance to commercial automobile insurance and business interruption insurance.


With the risk of injury and illness across all industries, small businesses must ensure they are protecting their employees and assets with Colorado workers’ compensation coverage.


Navigating the world of small business insurance and workers’ comp can be time-consuming and complex. But if you’re seeking Colorado workers’ compensation insurance for your small business, you’ve landed in the right place.

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Colorado Workplace Injuries at a Glance


Total fatal injuries were people 45 years old and older (2016)


Total workplace fatalities were men (2016)


Total fatal injuries were in private industry (2016)

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Colorado Workplace Injury Data

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