What is Small Business Insurance?

Small business insurance includes general liability insurance, property insurance, and commercial auto insurance. In some cases, you may be legally required to carry certain types of small business insurance, such as workers’ compensation insurance, disability insurance, and unemployment insurance.

Do I Need to Have Small Business Insurance?

As its name implies, small business insurance safeguards you from the unplanned costs of running your business. Your small business organizational structure—corporation, LLC, etc.—offers a limited amount of protection and usually only protects your personal property from lawsuits. Accidents, natural disasters, and lawsuits have the potential to ruin your company if you’re not adequately protected.

Small business insurance provides a safety net to ensure your personal assets and business assets are wholly protected from unforeseen catastrophes. Small business insurance requirements vary by state, so visit your state’s website to learn the specific laws in your area.

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How Much Does Workers’ Comp Cost?

Pricing can vary wildly between businesses, so try our easy online process to get a workers comp quote specific to your needs.