Celebrating National Pie Day

This Sunday, January 23, is National Pie Day, an annual celebration of one of the world’s most delicious foods. National Pie Day was first commemorated in 1975 by a teacher in Boulder, CO (just down the way from our Denver headquarters, how fitting!) and became officially sponsored by The American Pie Council in 1986. It’s a day that’s meant to honor all things pie—baking, eating, and enjoying it around a table with family and friends.

Not surprisingly, National Pie Day holds a special place in our hearts at Pie Insurance. Why did we name our insurance company after a tasty dessert, you ask? We landed on Pie for a few reasons. When my co-founder, Dax, and I began laying the foundation for our company, we wanted it to be an insurance company that was completely different from all others. Insurance can have a reputation of being difficult, un-friendly, and cumbersome. We wanted to build a likable and straightforward company that made getting small business insurance “as easy as pie.”

We also were inspired by the other, less edible type of pie, the mathematical equation pi. There would be no Pie Insurance without the proprietary data and predictive analytics that power our business. With this unique data and our digital-first approach to insurance, small businesses and our more than 1,000 agency partners can unlock quotes in minutes and ultimately save up to 30% on their workers’ comp insurance. Basically, you can’t spell pie without pi and we couldn’t do what we do without a strong mathematical foundation.

Finally, we’re passionate about the “family aspect” that pie represents. Pie brings people together. People all across America have favorite pie recipes and related traditions—regardless of their varied backgrounds. We wanted to instill this representation in our own company culture at Pie Insurance. We set out to make it a place that reflects our shared values, while still celebrating the qualities that make us unique and different.

Clearly, life is not always “as easy as pie”—but we believe that getting insured should be. So while National Pie Day falls on January 23, we try to celebrate all year long, because life is way too short not to enjoy it. We invite you to have fun with us all week long.

John Swigart, Co-founder and CEO of Pie Insurance