The COVID-19 pandemic (also called coronavirus) has affected thousands of small businesses across the United States. While the shut-downs and other economic and societal impacts may stretch on, small business owners are already focused on taking immediate measures that will make recovery more successful. Of course, knowing which measures to take—and when to take them—remains a challenge.

Here are five resource libraries that employers can refer to for help managing the coronavirus impact and beginning the recovery process for their small businesses.


SBA Guidance and Loan Resources

Visit the Small Business Administration’s for tools including:

Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Small Business Guide

Visit the United States Chamber of Commerce site to:

CDC Resources for Businesses and Employers

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site to find guidance on:

SBDC COVID-19 Small Businesses Resources

Visit the Small Business Development Centers’ COVID-19 site for:

SCORE Coronavirus Small Business Resource Hub

Visit the SCORE Coronavirus site to connect with volunteers and learn about:



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