Soonicorn Club 2020: Top FinTech Startups In United States



With over 14.2K+ FinTech startups, including 130+ public ones, [the] United States is the nerve-center of the North American startup ecosystem in the new world order of the millennium.


…Tracxn [keeps] a track of the latest happenings in the world of startups and their associated ecosystems – including venture capital funds, private equity funds and investment banks amongst others.


In this edition, [Tracxn names] the ‘Soonicorn Club of FinTech – US 2020’– an exclusive list of the most promising FinTech – US startups that have also reached significant valuation milestones over the previous few years.


Pie is proud to have been named a 2020 top fintech startup “soonicorn.”


See all of the soon-to-be-unicorn companies named in the Tracxn awards.

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